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I'm so glad that you stopped by. The original Medcare Products began as a distributor of medical products to nursing homes. Hence, the name Medcare Products. I was working in a meat packing plant as an independent contractor. On the days that I was not contracted at the packing plant I worked in a lighting manufacturing company. One day I was assigned to a certain machine, and being a good employee followed directives from my boss. It was a punch press, which had the safety mechanisms disabled in order to speed production. I had no idea that this was done - and a few hours into the shift my left hand was crushed in the punch press. Thankfully I did not lose any fingers, and the surgeon did a good job of restoring flexibility to my fingers. In fact if I wouldn't show you the scars on my knuckles you would never know anything had happened. So that ended my meat packing career - and naturally I wasn't interest in working for the lighting manufacturer - an unethical company that put profit over people. I was a young guy with a wife, kids and a mortgage - so I needed to think fast.

A friend offered an empty office - actually a bathroom with the fixtures removed - and with a desk and a phone line - and I began a courier/delivery service. I was the first driver, and slowly I added on more drivers. It was a tough business. Drivers were very unreliable. My best client became my friends business - Medcare Products. Eventually he brought me into the company as a full time employee. Computerized inventory and order processing was just becoming affordable and popular. I jumped into the company like a kid in a candy store. And moved up the 'corporate ladder' until I was put in charge of the company. My friend and his partners parted ways, I began looking into other areas besides nursing homes. And Medcare Products the veterinary product distributor was born. Eventually the nursing home division was closed - and the veterinary division was sold to me.

It's been more than 25 years - and I just love veterinary product sales. Probably because I really enjoy my customers. There is a certain sincerity -  a realness to veterinarians and their staff. I feel tremendous gratitude to each one of my customers for letting me and Medcare Products in the door. Thank you for trusting us - we will never let you down. I will always appreciate your suggestions, comments and compliments. Feel free to give me a call at 800-433-4550 or email to

Wishing you all the best, with good health and happiness,
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Me and one of my grandchildren, Mordy at Lake Erie.
I turned grey (white) at a young age, but my grandchildren
keep me young!