Autoclavable Cloth Surgical Gowns - Blue

Autoclavable Cloth Surgical Gowns - Blue
Item Number: AGRB

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50% Cotton 50% Polyester
Features full barrier protection on the arms and the body. 
Available in blue.
Ties in the back. Very lightweight and comfortable. 
This gown is so well made you can wear it until you retire. For those of you close to retirement, don't let this stop you - from retiring, or ordering a gown.

In 1865, Joseph Lister, an English surgeon, began using carbolic acid, a powerful disinfectant, to sterilize surgical wounds. But this method was later replaced by a more efficient technique known as aseptic surgery. This technique involved keeping germs away from surgical wounds in the first place instead of trying to kill germs already there. Surgeons began to wash thoroughly before an operation and to wear surgical gowns, gloves, and masks.