BASIK EZ Syringe Handle

BASIK EZ Syringe Handle
Item Number: SBHANDLE

Detailed Description

Welcome To BASIK Silicone O-Ring Syringe EZ Handle

BASIK O Ring syringes are so popular because the can be reused many times
and don't stick. They are perfect for hand feeding and tube feeding as well as all
sort of industrial and craft applications.

We've made the BASIK syringe even better with the introduction of the BASIK
EZ Handle. The BASIK EZ Handle simple attaches to the syringe plunger and creates
an easy to grasp handle. This is especially helpful for those with diminished hand
strength or limited coordination.


  • Made in the USA

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Available in size Small/Medium or Large/X Large

  • No springs or tension invlolved

  • BPA, LATEX and DEHP free

  • Easy one hand operation