BASIK O-Ring Syringes Non sterile

BASIK O-Ring Syringes Non sterile
Item Number: SBO

Detailed Description

O-ring Syringes Features

  • SMOOTH PLUNGER MOVEMENT - EVEN AFTER BEING WASHED AND CLEANED MANY TIMES. Traditional rubber grommet syringes are good for one time use. After they've been washed the plunger will stick and lose it's suction.

  • THE SILICONE O-RING PLUNGER WILL NOT INTERACT WITH THE SYRINGE CONTENTS.  Ideal for injections, artificial insemination and had feeding.

  • OUR 60CC CATHETER TIP SYRINGE IS PREFERRED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE FED A BLENDERIZED DIET THROUGH A TUBE. The catheter tip is a nice fit with most feeding tubes and the o-ring allows you to clean and reuse the syringe many times. Because insurance doesn't always cover syringe cost - our silicone o-ring syringe is a real money saver.

  • Over the years we've learnt about some interesting uses for the O-ring syringe. The silicone o-ring makes it perfect for

  • Artificial insemination, since traditional rubber plungers are spermicidal. (Rubber kills sperm.)

  •  Aquarium manufacturing. they fill it with glue and squirt it in the joints.

  •  Furniture repair.

  •  Hand feeding of birds, squirrels and other critters, since the rubber plungers found on other syringes make the food inside taste rubbery. Plus the silicone o-ring never wears out, which allows for washing and reusing the syringe.

    I'd love to hear about your interesting use of the O-ring syringe, drop me an email at