Comet Clear Elizabethan Collars

Item Number: CCC

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 Buy 10 #7.5 - Clear Plastic Each for $3.55 each
 Buy 10 #10 - Clear Plastic Each for $3.65 each
 Buy 10 #12.5 - Clear Plastic Each for $4.50 each
 Buy 10 #15 - Clear Plastic Each for $4.90 each
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 Buy 10 #30 - Clear Plastic Each for $6.95 each

Detailed Description

Welcome To COMET Clear Elizabethan Style Collars

Fine Veterinary practices across the country will only use COMET e-collars.
When I ask them why COMET, here are some of their answers;

  • SIMPLE TO PUT ON. This means that anyone can put a COMET e-collar on a patient. There's no training or complaining!
  • CLIENTS LOVE THAT THEY ARE CLEAR. We'll never forget when a Vet Tech told us that COMET e-collars are 'Client compliant!'
  • STAYS SECURELY ON AND COMES OFF WITHOUT ANY FUSS. We recently evaluated a different e-collar, and yes, the closure was nice - but the opening/removal from the patient was a real struggle. Who needs that?
  • KEEPS A NICE ROUND SHAPE WHEN ON THE PATIENT. The specially designed tab closure will keep the collar in a nice uniform round shape and not an irritating, uncomfortable oval shape.
  • ECONOMICAL. Who says that a clear, easy to use, reliable -collar has to cost a fortune? Not us.


If you're familiar with COMET e-collars, then I'm preaching to the choir - but if they're new to you - then dive in and order a bunch. I know you'll be glad you did!