Coventry Cobalt Blue Cremation Urn

Coventry Cobalt Blue Cremation Urn
Item Number: UCCB

Detailed Description

Aluminum Alloy Cremation Urn

Virtually indestructible, and yet of incredible light weight. Alloy urns are brand new to the market, and are already a very popular urn. Lids screw on for a secure closure.

The 3" Keepsake includes a velvet heart shaped box. Other sizes include a velvet drawstring pouch. Engraved pendants are sold seperately.

Sizing Made Simple

One pound of live weight equals one cubic inch of cremains.
3"   =  3 cubic inches
6"   = 42 cubic inches
7"   = 87 cubic inches
10" = 202 cubic inches

For example; A 175 pound person, would yield 175 cubic inches
of cremains, which would fit into a 10" urn. A 35 pound terrier will yield
35 cubic inches of cremains, and would fit into a 6" urn.