Crile Forceps

Crile Forceps
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Detailed Description

Welcome To The MAGNA® Crile Forceps

  • German Forged Steel, Completely Finished In Europe.
  • Available In 2 Sizes 14 cm (5.5") Long & 16cm (6 1/4") Long
  • Non-toothed clamps used to clamp blood vessels, grab tissue or vessels.
  • Straight & Curved varieties
  • Non-glare finish are ideal for critical procedures.
  • Autoclavable.
  • A Fine Surgical Instrument That Won't Break The Bank.

MAGNA® instruments are the only brand we've carried since 1994! They provide a well made non-Pakistani product for a great price. You'll appreciate the quality and the economy of MAGNA® instruments and they'll become your go to instrument brand!