Drape 38x100 yds Disposable

Drape 38x100 yds Disposable
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38" wide and 100 yards long.
Manufactured from DuPont Santara®.
Folded in compact box. Pull out the amount you need and cut it off.
Stands up to high autoclave temperatures, and can be autoclaved many times.
Same thing as Nova drape, except that Nova Drape is no longer manufactured.

A Quick Word About SMS Drapes.
In an attempt to compete against the Nova Drapes, and now, JorVet Drapes of the world, some enterprising souls have introduced a drape made from a product called SMS. While a similar color to JorVet drape - it has a lot of plastic in it, and is very tricky when autoclaved. If your temperature setting is too high, you will melt it, and make a mess of your autoclave as well as inhale a variety of toxic fumes. That's why we don't distribute SMS drapes.