Dynarex Surgeons Gloves - Powder Free Latex 50/bx

Dynarex Surgeons Gloves - Powder Free Latex 50/bx
Item Number: GSPF

Detailed Description

One pair (one right, one left) per paper wallet, each wallet packed in a peel-open pouch
Maximum strength with no loss of tactile sensitivity
Textured surface in palm and fingertips
Powder free
  Latex glove manufaturing information.
*Latex glove manufacturing is a long and complex operation that begins with the harvesting of natural rubber latex. Its main objective is to optimize the properties (flexibility, barrier properties) of the material while minimizing its adverse effects (allergies).
* Latex is an emulsion of rubber particles in suspension in an aqueous medium. The mean dry rubber content is 33%. The fresh latex harvested from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is unstable and must be processed rapidly after collection in order to prevent spontaneous coagulation.
* Examination and surgical gloves are manufactured from the concentrated raw latex obtained by centrifuging and stabilization.
* Several immersion stages are required to enhance the properties of the rubber, in particular its mechanical strength and barrier properties.