Glass Dropper Bottles - Amber

Glass Dropper Bottles - Amber
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Amber glass
Plastic dropper
  information about glass and glass dropper bottles.
A little bit about glass.
The oldest records of glass are from 1700 BC in Mesopotamia, but Egyptian glassmakers began making pieces of jewelry as early as 3000 BC, as proven by the relics of a glass furnace dating back to about 1350 BC. The glass objects that have been found recently in Egypt and Mesopotamia share some similarities, but we don't know exactly when or where man began to make glass. Colored glass is made by adding minerals or salts. Below is a chart of common additives and the resulting color.



  Iron oxides   Greens, browns
manganese oxides  deep amber, amethyst,
cobalt oxide deep blue
gold chloride ruby red
selenium compounds reds
carbon oxides amber/brown
mix of mangnese cobalt, iron black
antimony oxides white
uranium oxides yellow green (glows!)
sulfur compounds  amber/brown
copper compounds  light blue, red
tin compounds white
lead with antimony yellow