Knowles Bandage Scissors 14cm 5+

Knowles Bandage Scissors 14cm 5+
Item Number: IMKB

Detailed Description

Welcome To The MAGNAŽ Knowles Bandage Scissors

  • German Forged Steel, Completely Finished In Europe.

  • 14cm  5 1/2"

  • Blunt tip on one side for ease of bandage removal.
  • Non-glare finish are ideal for critical procedures.
  • Autoclavable.
  • A Fine Surgical Instrument That Won't Break The Bank.

MAGNAŽ instruments are the only brand we've carried since 1994! They provide a well made non-Pakistani product for a great price. You'll appreciate the quality and the economy of MAGNAŽ instruments and they'll become your go to instrument brand. We've sold thousands of MAGNA intruments. It would be an honor to include you as a satisfied customer!