NiproŽ IV Catheters

NiproŽ IV Catheters
Item Number: IVCN

Detailed Description

NiproŽ I.V. catheters come with a fully transparent flashback chamber for immediate confirmation of venipuncture.
The incorporated hydrophobic membrane filter allows air to vent easily with virtually no resistance, which results in a rapid blood return even in the smaller gauge sizes.
Each NiproŽ I.V. catheter is individually packed in a sterile, easy-to-open plastic case.
This rigid plastic case provides added protection to both the catheter and the user. 
The case is color-coded for easy identification of the catheter gauge and has a tamper-evident seal for additional safety.
You won't be able to tell the difference between Nipro and Terumo — except the price!
Who invented the IV catheter that we use today? His name is Jim Sorenson, and I 'll bet you never heard of him! James Sorenson (1922-) is the founder of Sorenson Companies, a parent company of 32
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