Sharps Containers - 2 Gallon

Sharps Containers - 2 Gallon
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Horizontal drop maximizes the use of the container.
Puncture resistant molded plastic, translucent red color.
Containers may be nested for compact storage.

Containers are ideal for countertop use.
  Additoonal information about sharps containers.
Sharps Containers Are Better Than Pickle Jars
The most common sharps containers (red plastic in the US, yellow plastic elsewhere) were first developed in 1979 when Frontier Plastics Ltd of South Wales in the UK recognized the need for a purpose designed container for the safe disposal of clinical sharps - developing the original SharpsafeŽ container which was first marketed in 1980. Prior to that it was common for people to dispose of used syringes in the garbage, or some more progressive thinkers used giant pickle bottles and then buried them.

This is the most commonly used container. They stack for easy storage, and the rotating chamber allows for syringes to stack laying down in the container, which will fit more used product in the container.
The automatic rotating chamber is designed to safely deposit sharps into the puncture resistant container. If necessary, sharps can be dropped manually by using the actuating lever.