Sterile Reflex One Surgical Skin Staplers

Sterile Reflex One Surgical Skin Staplers
Item Number: SROS

Detailed Description

The ergonomic design fits well in any hand, and also helps avoid burying the nose of the stapler in the wound.
Palpable (you can feel it, feelings, ooooh feeelings) and audible (you can hear it) click to confirm staple formation.
Visible staple counter..
Promotes ease of removal due to anti-rotation style. 
The only stapler we ever sold That's because it really is the best one out there!
On February 18, 1879, George W. McGill of New York was awarded a patent for what would become the first commercially successful stapler - The McGill's Patent Single Stroke Staple Press. This device used wire staples that were inserted into the machine one at a time. The "Single-Stroke" part of the name derives not from the one-at-a-time loading of the staples, but from the fact that the machine inserted and clinched a wire staple in a single operation of the plunger. This set it apart from most other paper fasteners of the time that required multiple operations.

Surgical staplers are a natural progression from the traditional stapler. Their ease of use, speed in surgery, and reduced risk of a pin prick make them very popular. The Reflex One has been our brand of choice and why not, it is considered the best surgical stapler on the market. Beware of cheap imitations that look like staplers but are really jammers, manglers and stuckers! There's only one surgical stapler and that's the Reflex One.

George W. Mcgills' Stapler

Question? Do you really need a sterile stapler? Stop and think ask yourself " Do I really need a sterile stapler?" and if the answer is no then check out the Reflex One non-sterile staplers. They're the same great product, just packed non-sterile, and less expensive!