Sterilization Pouches - Self-Sealing - 200/bx

Sterilization Pouches - Self-Sealing - 200/bx
Item Number: SP

Detailed Description

Three separate heat sealed rails secure edges from separation or tearing by instruments.
Seals are heated and cooled three times for ultimate strenght.
Blue Tinted Transparent Film - Facilitates both easy instrument viewing and identification of punctures or tears in film.
Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip - Easily and securely seals pouch, providing reliable seal until pouch is opened.  
Perforated Fold - Facilitates easy, accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal until pouch is opened 
Pro cess Indicator Arrows - Arrows change color with sterilization heat, are easily visible, and are compatible with steam and EtO sterilization agents.
Worth Knowing:
Always wrap instruments to maintain sterility until use. Pouches are single use. Follow CDC recommendations and insert internal indicators inside pouches to confirm sterility inside. External process indicators reflect only that instruments have been processed.