The UrnConcern® Bushnell Solid Wood Cremation Urn

The UrnConcern® Bushnell Solid Wood Cremation Urn
Item Number: UBUS

Detailed Description

Hand crafted in the U.S.A.
Genuine solid hard wood urns, not imitation woods which are stained to look like our wooden urns.
6 coats of had rubbed lacquer finish.
The quality and craftsmanship are apparent from tight fitting corners and flawless finishing.

Thank you Dr. Whitford!
Dr. Ron Whitford is pretty well known for his expertise in Veterinary practice management. He's also a customer! Every time Dr. Whitford calls we are treated to a mini version of his practice management advice. He's got a lot of great insight into the industry, and I can't get enough of his wisdom. So when Dr. Whitford told us that we should stock wooden urns, well, we moved on that recommendation immediately. It was great advice. Thank you Dr. Whitford!

Our Wooden Urns Are, Well, Really Wood!
What? Like everything in the marketplace, there is the genuine article and then there are knockoffs. Cheap soft woods stained to resemble (actually most are just a hint) real maple or walnut, or oak or cherry wood. Frequently their stains are uneven, and the finish is blotchy. From the very first minute that you unpack one of our fine wooden urns you will realize that this is an American made, finely crafted masterpiece. An heirloom, that will stay in the family for generations.

Urn sizing made simple. Weights are based on live weight.
Size small up to 25 pounds.
Size medium up to 50 pounds.
Size large up to 80 pounds.
Size X-large up to 120+ pounds.
Note; some people will want a larger urn even though a smaller one will suffice.