UrnConcern® Bendemeer Cream Wash Urn - Solid Marble

UrnConcern® Bendemeer Cream Wash Urn - Solid Marble
Item Number: UBCW

Detailed Description

Marble. Is there any need to say more? Marble, a long lasting and beautiful stone, was used from early times by the ancient Greeks, who were masters of the worlds finest architecture, stone-cutting and sculpturing. They created exquisitely detailed statues and buildings which have lasted through the ages.

Bottom Loading = Brilliant!
UrnConcern® Bendeemer urns.  Exquisite polished stone, each a unique masterpiece, no two pieces are the same. That's why UrnConcern® Bendemeer Marble Urns incorporate the ingenious bottom loading design. The entire urn is one solid piece. The carving of the lid is so convincing that an uneducated consumer would struggle and struggle to unscrew it — Not even Hercules could budge that lid. That's because the urn opens from the bottom, and that's a great breakthough in marble urn design. Why? Marble urn lids are notorious for not staying on securely, and before you know it, an unsuspecting admirer, will pick up the urn to admire it, and the lid will fall off and end up chipped or in pieces. You'll never be able to match the replacement lid with the rest of the urn, and well, you know the rest of the story. That's the beauty of a bottom loading marble urn. You will never have a broken or chipped or mismatched lid.
Velvet storage and display boxes are included with 3" and 7" UrnConcern® Bendemeer urns at no extra charge.

Sizing Made Simple

One pound of live weight equals one cubic inch of cremains.
3" = 3 cubic inches
7" = 87 cubic inches
11" = 205 cubic inches

For example; A 175 pound person, would yield 175 cubic inches
of cremains, which would fit into a 10" urn. A 35 pound terrier will yield
35 cubic inches of cremains, and would fit into a 6" urn.