UrnConcern Black & Gold Cremation Urn - Solid Brass

UrnConcern Black & Gold  Cremation Urn - Solid Brass
Item Number: UCBG

Detailed Description

UrnConcern is a brand of Medcare Products. UrnConcern cremation urns are manufactured from top quality materials by skilled crafts people. Each urn is carefully inspected before packaging. Many UrnConcern designs have been copied over the years, but they have cut corners on quality of materials and craftsmanship. We know that behind the purchase of every urn is the loss of a loved one. That's why it's important to us that each of our urns be perfect and help to comfort the buyer.


COLOR Black and Gold with intricate engraving
PACKAGING Velvet box
Sizes AVAILABLE 3", 6", 7", 10"
ENGRAVE ABLE Not suggested, too intricate
OPENING Lid unscrews easily and stays securely closed


One pound of live weight equals one cubic inch of cremains.
3" = 3 cubic inches
6"   = 42 cubic inches
7"   = 87 cubic inches
10" = 202+ cubic inches
For example; A 175 pound person, would yield 175 cubic inches
of cremains, which would fit into a 10" urn. A 35 pound terrier will yield
35 cubic inches of cremains, and would fit into a 6" urn.